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Dark Pegasi
Dark Pegasi nest high in the hills. Once they were the same as the more noble Pegasi but hundreds of years of corruption by dark magic and living in this gloomy land have turned them into hateful bat winged equines that swoop from the dusty sky to feed on the raw flesh of those unlucky enough to have been marked as their prey.
Class:Magical Level:1396
Attack:8267 - 8365 Defense:8572 - 8764
Armor:8688 - 8838 Damage:9893 - 10009
HP:42493 - 43187 Gold:291 - 309
XP:6759 - 7847
Piercing Strike:12% - 25%
Reinforced Armor:20% - 25%
Critical Hit:15% - 25%
Nullify:17% - 25%
Dropped Items
Shield of Kallan
Spawning Information
Valgoth Plain (Hills):100%
Additional Notes

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