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Zandrin Master Geomancer (Elite)
Zandrin Master Geomancer is the leader of the Valgoth Geomancers. His skills in Geomancy are unparalleled and his mineral body is said to be older than the land he walks upon. Zandrin has taken his coven of Geomancers to the top of the volcano where they are preparing a ritual. The purpose of the ritual is unknown but is unlikely to be in the best interestss for those of flesh and blood...
Class:Magical Level:1400
Attack:49267 - 49443 Defense:2188 - 2334
Armor:1067 - 1173 Damage:59199 - 59327
HP:134279 - 134521 Gold:241 - 359
XP:25702 - 25712
Piercing Strike:50% - 70%
Reinforced Armor:30% - 55%
Critical Hit:45% - 66%
Nullify:50% - 72%
Dodge:35% - 37%
Dropped Items
Zandrin Boots
Zandrin Pick
Zandrin Rune
Spawning Information
Valgoth Mount (Earth Blood):100%
Additional Notes

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