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Revered Luz Tagoz (Legendary)
The mighty Luz Tagoz has joined the Zorgrom Legion at their head. Already a massive Avatar of Orcish racial battle lust, the increased warfooting of the Legion is fuelling him with further power. His stature has grown hugely, his blood lust nigh unquenchable. His blood red tattoos have turned to the dark green of the Legion and energy bleeds from them constantly, wreathing Targoz in the power of Orc hatred.
Class:Demon Level:1350
Attack:13925 - 14061 Defense:566 - 712
Armor:238 - 356 Damage:14775 - 14863
HP:35536 - 35864 Gold:281 - 319
XP:1691 - 1725
Piercing Strike:50% - 70%
Reinforced Armor:50% - 70%
Critical Hit:50% - 70%
Breaker:50% - 70%
First Strike:70% - 90%
Dropped Items
Essence of Tagoz
Recipe of Tagoz Titanic Signet
Recipe of Tagoz Titanic Treads
Spawning Information
Myral Peak (Pinnacle):17%
Myral Peak (Icy Ridge):19%
Myral Peak (Icebound Tunnels):21%
Myral Peak (Glacial Caves):20%
Myral Vale (Wilds):22%
Additional Notes

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