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Zorgrom Ogre Axe Thrower (Legendary)
Ogre Axe Throwers have joined the Legion, being every ready for a good fight. These Axe Throwers have clever mechinisms that hurl multiple axes from the strange weapons they carry. These weapons are closer to siege weapons, however the Ogres heft them around as though they were light crossbows!
Class:Greenskin Level:770
Attack:2198 - 2374 Defense:10969 - 11057
Armor:122 - 216 Damage:3444 - 3596
HP:16807 - 17173 Gold:229 - 371
XP:4403 - 4897
Piercing Strike:22% - 44%
Reinforced Armor:22% - 44%
Critical Hit:22% - 44%
Breaker:22% - 44%
First Strike:22% - 44%
Dropped Items
Axe Thrower Body
Recipe of Ogre Hide Gloves
Recipe of Ogre Throwing Axe
Spawning Information
Ethigor City (Grounds):18%
Lindorik Kingdom (Thicket):22%
Lindorik Kingdom (Valley):21%
Tregdor Kingdom (Plaza):20%
Tregdor Kingdom (Gate to Underground):19%
Additional Notes

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