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Sabertooth Rockcat
These small, seemingly defenseless creatures conceal a great strength, for one swipe from its claws renders the most strongest of opponents unconscious from the venom carried through the claws.
Class:Feline Level:144
Attack:580 - 620 Defense:720 - 770
Armor:630 - 660 Damage:450 - 500
HP:1150 - 1180 Gold:140 - 150
XP:290 - 300
Reinforced Armor:35% - 45%
Breaker:25% - 30%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Zallea
Armor of Fegale
Axe of Grela
Boots of Gregape
Gloves of Pentali
Helmet of Gorga
Ring of Teknaite
Rune of Leldaite
Shield of Henaze
Spawning Information
Appela Mountains (North):42%
Metlair (West):58%
Additional Notes

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