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Shroud Wreathed Drake (Legendary)
The Shroud Wreathed Drakes provide the Shadow Army with air support. Massive beast, they do not look like they should be able to fly. But fly they do, with unnatural vigor and agility, trailing the stuff of the Shroud in their wake! They will swoop down upon the foe and unleash blasts of Dark Fire, all the while tearing with claws and crushing anything it can with its tail. They have been used by Burzzthak to target the Wyverns of the Legion, hoping to gain complete mastery of the sky!
Class:Demon Level:1210
Attack:5229 - 5409 Defense:8832 - 8990
Armor:8992 - 9094 Damage:5546 - 5646
HP:34491 - 34797 Gold:226 - 374
XP:1541 - 1675
Piercing Strike:40% - 60%
Reinforced Armor:40% - 60%
Critical Hit:40% - 60%
Breaker:40% - 60%
Hypnotize:40% - 60%
Dropped Items
Recipe of Drake Scale Gauntlets
Recipe of Drake Shroud Fang
Shroud Drake Remains
Spawning Information
Zendell Keep (Sanctum):16%
Zendell Mire (Orchard):26%
Atrum Farmland (Milking Barns):21%
Dyseki Town (Suburbs):22%
Dyseki Town (Mayors Quarters):15%
Additional Notes

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