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Gas Tarman
Some Tarmen are bloated by dangerous subterranean gasses, the very same gasses that rolled over the lands choking the life out of the people and animals that lived here. These Tarmen leak this gas wherever they go, creating a hazard for those who come close. Other dangers follow these bloated beings as the gas can cause them to explode, it is best to avoid them than confront them.
Class:Magical Level:1410
Attack:15675 - 15809 Defense:581 - 677
Armor:269 - 451 Damage:19220 - 19412
HP:43116 - 43404 Gold:287 - 313
XP:7048 - 7854
Piercing Strike:24% - 50%
Critical Hit:15% - 30%
Nullify:14% - 20%
Dropped Items
[no item drops]
Spawning Information
Tar Coast (Choking Crags):100%
Additional Notes

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