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Bud Vorgid
The Island of Vorgid is a place dominated plant life. The dominant group of plants are known as Vorgids, large carnivorous Orchid like plants that are able to move slowly around the Island looking for prey. Bud Vorgids have a orange flower but also sport buds on them that pop open when the Vorgid senses danger, releasing a cloud of pollen that is poisonous is breathed in.
Class:Plant Level:1415
Attack:5545 - 5727 Defense:11270 - 11440
Armor:10867 - 11029 Damage:8186 - 8282
HP:43231 - 43589 Gold:284 - 316
XP:7497 - 7511
Piercing Strike:16% - 25%
Reinforced Armor:28% - 55%
Critical Hit:12% - 20%
Dropped Items
Cursed Vorgid Seed
Spawning Information
Vorgid Island (Nursery):100%
Additional Notes

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