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Azuzu of the Fold
When Azuzulings mature from power they become known as Azuzu of the Fold. The Fold is a secretive religion or way of life these demons form. Not much is known of the fold but it involves blood ceremonies deep in the Ziggurat and practices of human sacrifices. the reasons for these rituals is unknown but nothing good has ever come of demonic magic...
Class:Demon Level:1427
Attack:8579 - 8693 Defense:8679 - 8777
Armor:8851 - 8955 Damage:10248 - 10314
HP:43632 - 44088 Gold:284 - 316
XP:7359 - 7969
Piercing Strike:20% - 40%
First Strike:20% - 40%
Dropped Items
Hanfors Boots
Senmaks Shield
Spawning Information
Blighted Ziggurat (Azuzu Haunt):90%
Blighted Ziggurat (Worship Level):10%
Additional Notes

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