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Corallian Zarg
Corallian Zarg appear to have control over the sea creatures themselves and their large coral bodies swarm with all manner of venomous Sea Snakes, poisonous Anemones and other creatures of the sea. They use this power to unleash this swarm of animals against foes of the Corallian people with horrifying effect.
Class:Magical Level:1435
Attack:5101 - 5291 Defense:23524 - 23580
Armor:278 - 456 Damage:7539 - 7627
HP:43787 - 44293 Gold:281 - 319
XP:7410 - 8046
[no enhancements]
Dropped Items
Helmet of Hartness
Yethvons Loop
Spawning Information
Coral Islands (Menagerie):92%
Coral Islands (Red Kelp Reef):8%
Additional Notes

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