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The Serpentine are Snake-like demons found lurking within caves. Here they wait silently for unsuspecting adventurers to prey upon. It is said that the Serpentine have but one weakness and that is of precious stones and gems that they are enthralled by. A traveller can count himself lucky if he can present such a gem to a Serpentine before he becomes its lunch for it would allow him safe passage, for a time...
Class:Demon Level:11
Attack:25 - 28 Defense:22 - 30
Armor:20 - 25 Damage:25 - 25
HP:30 - 35 Gold:15 - 19
XP:24 - 30
[no enhancements]
Dropped Items
Sapphire Ring
Strong Iron Shield
Spawning Information
Otha Caves (Level 1):100%
Additional Notes

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