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Lava Rock Beast (Elite)
The Lava Rock beast is an evil demon that was spewed forth from an ancient and evil volcano. Over the centauries his once molten body has hardened but it is still as evil and cruel as the day it emerged from the bowls of the world.
Class:Demon Level:75
Attack:700 - 800 Defense:750 - 800
Armor:750 - 800 Damage:950 - 1000
HP:1800 - 2000 Gold:70 - 80
XP:290 - 300
Piercing Strike:26% - 32%
Breaker:34% - 45%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Saar
Boots of Saar
Hammer of Saar
Rune of Saar
Spawning Information
Inferno Mountains (Lair of the Beast):100%
Additional Notes

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