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Ullikummi of Fire
Ullikummi of Fire are the most powerful of their race. The Ullikummi of Fire demand the most potent of artefacts their people create from the magical molten ores found in the underground and thus its not uncommon to find one of these Ullikummi armed with great magical weapons or armor wreathed in fire and smoke.
Class:Beast Level:1459
Attack:6544 - 6620 Defense:11682 - 11876
Armor:11279 - 11341 Damage:7573 - 7631
HP:44403 - 45057 Gold:265 - 335
XP:7925 - 8031
Piercing Strike:50% - 70%
Critical Hit:10% - 30%
Dropped Items
Kelfins Rune
Qindats Signet
Spawning Information
Quooth Depths (Elemental Forge):91%
Quooth Depths (Elemental Forge):9%
Additional Notes

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