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Cooling Ullikummi
The Cooling Ullikummi is the name of the giant warriors that are intended to go to the surface to wage war. They are the result of enchantments woven into the armour and weapons they carry, enchantments that will allow the race of fire giants to survive upon the cold surface. They must be destroyed so that the Ullikummi can never threaten the world above.
Class:Beast Level:1460
Attack:4546 - 4610 Defense:23836 - 23950
Armor:302 - 444 Damage:8391 - 8519
HP:44538 - 44982 Gold:298 - 302
XP:7529 - 8449
Piercing Strike:10% - 30%
Critical Hit:50% - 70%
Dropped Items
Shards of Cooling Armor
Spawning Information
Quooth Depths (Spell Weavers Realm):90%
Quooth Depths (Queens Quarters):10%
Additional Notes

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