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Thoon (Super Elite)
The simple minded but destructive giant known as Thoon blunders his way through the lands finding food or Shiny shields or armor that he collects and hangs about his massive body. He calls his collectables his "purtys" and it is said includes many rare items once owned by valiant warriors. The Zorgrom legion hired Thoon in several battles but were unable to tie him to the legion for long as he gets bored easily and will wander away or get distracted by glinting objects.
Class:Beast Level:90
Attack:4742 - 4832 Defense:47 - 177
Armor:82 - 134 Damage:5802 - 5938
HP:10544 - 11216 Gold:86 - 94
XP:2347 - 2353
Piercing Strike:20% - 40%
Reinforced Armor:40% - 60%
Critical Hit:20% - 40%
Disarm:20% - 40%
First Strike:20% - 40%
Dropped Items
Recipe of Thoon's Beastie Shield
Recipe of Thoon's Magik Horn
Thoon's Bile Grog
Thoon's Head
Thoon's Swag
Spawning Information
Pennalor Swamps (North):20%
Eldora Plains (South):20%
Kijanamo Wild (North):20%
Oland Briar (East):20%
Lenzwer Forest (North):20%
Additional Notes

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