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Shroud Jabberwock (Super Elite)
The Shroud Jabberwock is a fell creature that could only have been created by a fevered dream. It has long been suspected to be a monstrous creation of the Shadow Lord and it's recent appearances in His dark armies seems to give this theory credence. The beast seems to sow madness in it's wake, reducing even the strongest of willed to babbling, manic lunatics. It is whispered darkly that the Jabberwock can enter dreams and corrupt the dreamer, twisting their mind as it sees fit, usually creating another follower for it's Dark Master!
Class:Magical Level:575
Attack:20182 - 20236 Defense:31497 - 31685
Armor:32326 - 32416 Damage:20814 - 21002
HP:104804 - 105356 Gold:59 - 541
XP:16305 - 18445
Piercing Strike:20% - 40%
Reinforced Armor:20% - 40%
Critical Hit:20% - 40%
Dodge:20% - 40%
First Strike:40% - 60%
Hypnotize:40% - 60%
Dropped Items
Jabberwocks Body
Jabberwocks Head
Recipe of Jabberwocky Band
Recipe of Jabberwocky Cuirass
Recipe of Jabberwocky Visage Shield
Spawning Information
Dragon Tooth Mountain (Gorge):17%
Floating Islands of Wu Kong (East Island):17%
Great Canopy (Lower):17%
Necral Fields (East):17%
Zrozon Glacier (Crust):17%
Ecrulym Flats (Edge):15%
Additional Notes

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