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Ice Slogath
Ice Slogath are giant white goat-like beasts that live in the most dangerous areas of the Glacier. These Beasts have many local tales and legends based around them. They seem to radiate a magical aura of cold about themselves, Which they use to create blizzards, concealing themselves and confusing their foes or to freeze to death any who manage to get within striking distance. It's wise to avoid these beasts.
Class:Magical Level:1473
Attack:5056 - 5120 Defense:309 - 443
Armor:25067 - 25223 Damage:6987 - 7043
HP:45021 - 45279 Gold:277 - 323
XP:8063 - 8199
Piercing Strike:20% - 50%
Disarm:20% - 50%
Dropped Items
Gloves of Stag Hide
Kentorack Helm
Spawning Information
Bidlect Glacier (Crevice):100%
Additional Notes

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