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Necral Haunter (Champion)
The Necral were an ancient tribe that lived in the mountains, dabbling in dark magic and worshipped evil gods but have since died out. Often in the caves, the Necrals greatest warriors known as the Haunters will rise as a result of their dark magic rituals. These warriors were buried in the finest of bronze armour and with the best of weapons and are a dangerous foe to behold.
Class:Undead Level:1479
Attack:9715 - 9877 Defense:15031 - 15193
Armor:15048 - 15166 Damage:9903 - 10077
HP:59776 - 60240 Gold:279 - 321
XP:16268 - 16522
Piercing Strike:20% - 50%
Reinforced Armor:20% - 50%
Thievery:20% - 50%
Critical Hit:20% - 50%
Dropped Items
Bronze Haunter Plate
Bronze Haunter Shield
Spawning Information
Bidlect Caverns (Entrance):100%
Additional Notes

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