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Albino Tuoni
The melt waters that have formed in the base of the Randcluft have made a frozen underground lake. Living within the lake are terrifying prehistoric creatures that have thawed out of the ancient Bidlect Glacier known as Albino Tuoni, a blind, white, fish-like worm that finds prey in the lake using electric senses. It can even use this sense to shock its prey with a powerful volt if it wishes.
Class:Aquatic Level:1487
Attack:16497 - 16677 Defense:973 - 1047
Armor:327 - 431 Damage:19927 - 20065
HP:45254 - 45886 Gold:266 - 334
XP:8135 - 8439
Breaker:20% - 50%
First Strike:20% - 50%
Dropped Items
Inagoths Boots
Jonaths Cuirass
Spawning Information
Kluftrock Depths (Flooded Depths):92%
Kluftrock Depths (Cavern Lakes):8%
Additional Notes

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