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Sand Goblin Chief (Champion)
Sand Goblin Chiefs are the leaders of the Sand Goblin clans that swarm the dunes. These leaders are little better than others of their clan and have gained their position of power through treachery and bribes. These self important characters full of themselves and dress accordingly but also have access to the clans best war gear and poison it with desert spider venom accordingly.
Class:Greenskin Level:1527
Attack:6140 - 6258 Defense:481 - 549
Armor:34522 - 34630 Damage:10244 - 10354
HP:61756 - 62062 Gold:249 - 351
XP:17258 - 17696
Piercing Strike:20% - 50%
Critical Hit:20% - 50%
Dodge:20% - 50%
First Strike:20% - 50%
Dropped Items
Chiefs Hide Bracers
Chiefs Lacquered Armor
Goblin Chiefs Head
Spawning Information
Ancon Desert (Oasis):100%
Additional Notes

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