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Red Hypeezle
Hypeezles are large weasel type creatures that live deep in the forest where they hunt prey. Hypeezles are noted for their insane savagery in a fight and refusal to back down from even the most suicidal conflict. Red Hypeezles are the most prolific of the Hypeezle species in the forest and often hunt in small family packs. They are noted for having a chilling call that sounds like an evil laugh.
Class:Vermin Level:1537
Attack:5008 - 5194 Defense:346 - 438
Armor:26646 - 26782 Damage:6972 - 7060
HP:46741 - 47399 Gold:297 - 303
XP:8424 - 9284
Dodge:20% - 50%
First Strike:20% - 50%
Dropped Items
Red Hypeezle Pelt
Strapped Up Gauntlets
Tenadrils Broad Blade
Spawning Information
Varank Grove (Hunting Grounds):100%
Additional Notes

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