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Dark Alfadl Spearman
The Dark Alfadl war host travlled far for this meeting. The Dark Alfadl have set up camp in the lands around the fortress of Zator. Spearmen make up the bulk of this force and the Elves of the Dark Alfadl are well known for their skill in battle with such weapons.
Class:Elf Level:1546
Attack:7544 - 7642 Defense:12269 - 12447
Armor:12471 - 12597 Damage:6895 - 7031
HP:47218 - 47462 Gold:268 - 332
XP:8743 - 9173
Piercing Strike:20% - 50%
Critical Hit:20% - 50%
Dropped Items
Dark Alfadl Spear
Spawning Information
Dark Union Camp (Training Grounds):91%
Dark Union Camp (Command Quarters):9%
Additional Notes

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