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Krakaradon (Titan)
The Krakaradon is a gigantic creature from the blackest depths of the Lorsil Coast. This aquatic terror leaves its underwater home all to regularly and rampages over Draynoth Bay and the surrounding islands, in fact it is said that the lighthouse at Draynoth Port might actually be what attracts the beast to land for it normally attacks during storms or bad weather when the lighthouse is in use full use.
Class:Aquatic Level:1131
Attack:44760 - 44914 Defense:2355 - 2433
Armor:883 - 1037 Damage:47748 - 47868
HP:115046 - 115354 Gold:289 - 311
XP:6999 - 7451
Piercing Strike:30% - 50%
Reinforced Armor:20% - 50%
Critical Hit:20% - 50%
Disarm:10% - 20%
First Strike:20% - 50%
Dropped Items
Krakaradon Tooth Harpoon
Spawning Information
Port Draynoth (Harbour):25%
Pagdush Island (Jungle Edge):25%
Tainted Isle (Coast):25%
Tainted Isle (Flaming Chasm):25%
Additional Notes

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