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Shezmu of King Sothad (Titan)
The ancient undead King Sothad dwells deep within his pyramid tomb, trapped within a magic casket that his undying body may never escape from, driving him insane with rage. However his magical powers are amplified by his pyramids magical construction and through it, he channels vast unholy powers from the cosmos. With such power he has created the Shezmu, a magical construct of death formed from the very land around his tomb with which to destroy his enemies.
Class:Magical Level:600
Attack:4404 - 4472 Defense:25414 - 25598
Armor:326 - 454 Damage:8588 - 8740
HP:38860 - 39140 Gold:258 - 342
XP:3418 - 3832
Reinforced Armor:60% - 80%
Critical Hit:35% - 55%
Dropped Items
Pyramid Amulet of King Sothad
Spawning Information
Elridge Plains (South):25%
Desert of Brigands (North):25%
Bleak Caves (Mouth):25%
Desert of Brigands (South):25%
Additional Notes

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