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Boteroth (Titan)
The great Demon Boteroth was sent forth by his unearthly master like a giant war hound to the mortal world to cause untold destruction. He has succeeded in this task, and when called back by his master he refused. Instead Boteroth remained upon the world enjoying his freedom from the side of his master. Here he is a being to be reckoned with and a master of death, back in shadows he is but a pet. He has made his choice...
Class:Demon Level:750
Attack:4555 - 4739 Defense:7297 - 7387
Armor:7348 - 7412 Damage:4048 - 4210
HP:23219 - 23781 Gold:259 - 341
XP:3478 - 4038
Piercing Strike:25% - 35%
Critical Hit:25% - 35%
Dodge:25% - 35%
Disarm:25% - 35%
Dropped Items
Rune of Boteroth
Spawning Information
Azlatha Kingdom (Thicket):25%
Khiir Forest (Upland):25%
Ethigor City (Grounds):25%
Lindorik Kingdom (Valley):25%
Additional Notes

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