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Gogmor Mancrusha (Legendary)
The marauding giant Gogmor Mancrusha has awoken from his 100-year slumber in the mountains and gone on the rampage once more. Never yet defeated, Gogmore has been known to batter cities to dust his huge club and devour whole populations of people with his never-ending hunger.
Class:Beast Level:120
Attack:629 - 725 Defense:602 - 688
Armor:401 - 581 Damage:602 - 668
HP:2169 - 2731 Gold:112 - 128
XP:559 - 571
Reinforced Armor:15% - 20%
Critical Hit:35% - 50%
Breaker:100% - 100%
Dropped Items
Mancrusha Amulet
Mancrusha Armor
Mancrusha Boots
Mancrusha Ring
Spawning Information
Melsaur Mountains (Peak):19%
Gadrel Swamps (North):23%
Gadrel Swamps (East):20%
Gadrel Swamps (West):20%
Jahd Swamps (North):18%
Additional Notes

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