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Chill Polarwere Alpha (Champion)
The Chill Forest Polarweres are native to this cold land. They are foul-tempered beasts that are part-man but their reason and mind have been consumed by the spirit of the polar bear. The Polarwere Alphas are even more fearsome than their lesser kin, easily outfighting the local Trolls and making a messy meal of them.
Class:Beast Level:1610
Attack:54730 - 54826 Defense:537 - 715
Armor:561 - 691 Damage:31165 - 31273
HP:17382 - 17720 Gold:229 - 271
XP:18868 - 19990
Piercing Strike:70% - 100%
First Strike:70% - 100%
Dropped Items
Polarwere Furs
Polarwere Mittens
Spawning Information
Chill Wind Forest (Tangle):100%
Additional Notes

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