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Gadraen the Crazed (Elite)
Leader of the Nomads, Gadraen achieved promontory position among the Nomads after leading a daring raid on the Goblin Bastion in the Withered Lands. Gadraen successfully captured and slaughtered the Goblin King himself, leaving the standing goblin army in complete disarray. With his two generals Ionlad and Iushal he is nigh impossible to beat.
Class:Human Level:13
Attack:75 - 80 Defense:65 - 70
Armor:50 - 55 Damage:90 - 100
HP:95 - 100 Gold:30 - 35
XP:120 - 122
Critical Hit:5% - 5%
Dropped Items
Gadraens Head
Gadraen's Helm
Gadraen's Boots
Spawning Information
Nomad Sanctum:100%
Additional Notes

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