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Quindaneth Zinsaur Warrior
Many of the Zinsaur Hatchlings grow into these Reptilian warriors. Armed with a spear and wooden shield, the Zinsaur Warrior roams the Quindaneth Coast, protecting hatchlings from harm. The Zinsaur Warrior is a skilled fighter but is also capable of attacking using its deadly claws and teeth when needed.
Class:Reptile Level:1672
Attack:7880 - 8016 Defense:14643 - 14785
Armor:14451 - 14607 Damage:10592 - 10656
HP:66720 - 67164 Gold:192 - 208
XP:10415 - 10541
Disarm:20% - 50%
First Strike:20% - 50%
Dropped Items
[no item drops]
Spawning Information
Quindaneth Coast (Guard Post):100%
Additional Notes

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