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Bishamon Terror from the Deep (Legendary)
The giant creature known in legend as Bishamon the Terror of the Deep, has moved onto the land from the depths of the sea to look for new food as, in it's greed, it has nearly exhausted the local sea coast of fish, whales and seals. The Bishamon eats anything and everything it sees and is causing wide spread famine as well as death as it devours its way over the lands.
Class:Aquatic Level:80
Attack:483 - 653 Defense:209 - 303
Armor:199 - 389 Damage:498 - 562
HP:1462 - 1838 Gold:64 - 96
XP:366 - 404
Reinforced Armor:20% - 25%
Breaker:95% - 100%
Oceanic:100% - 100%
Dropped Items
Gloves of the Deep
Hammer of the Deep
Helm of the Deep
Shield of the Deep
Spawning Information
The Corrupt Plains:30%
Haunted Swamp (Ruins):18%
Haunted Swamp (North):18%
Haunted Swamp (South):19%
Depths of Despair (Level 1):15%
Additional Notes

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