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Nomad Magus
The mysterious and secretive Nomads of Otha are a dangerous people. They constantly travel a network of caves and underground tunnels emerging from them to the prey upon on caravans and travellers on the surface. Highly skilled in the art of magic, Nomad Magi are picked out at birth at the first sign of their magical ability and are trained to use their powers in a secret location.
Class:Human Level:12
Attack:30 - 32 Defense:25 - 30
Armor:25 - 30 Damage:30 - 32
HP:24 - 30 Gold:16 - 19
XP:27 - 31
Critical Hit:3% - 5%
Dropped Items
Scythe Axe
Spawning Information
Otha Caves (Level 1):1%
Otha Caves (Level 2):2%
Otha Caves (Level 3):35%
Nomad Barracks:30%
Nomad Sanctum:2%
Nomad Stronghold:30%
Additional Notes

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