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Pyron Deadaxe Orc (Champion)
A small tribe of Orcs dwell in the area, killing or robbing any who pass through Pyron. Although they live deep in this desolate area, their skill at looting travellers means their warrior brutes are well armed for combat with stolen war gear. The Deadaxe Orcs are an elite group of the tribe, armed with the best weapons!
Class:Greenskin Level:1709
Attack:31164 - 31278 Defense:731 - 789
Armor:633 - 695 Damage:33700 - 33890
HP:92854 - 93184 Gold:179 - 221
XP:20797 - 22989
Piercing Strike:80% - 100%
Critical Hit:80% - 100%
Dropped Items
Pyron Deadaxe Hammer
Pyron Deadaxe Vambraces
Spawning Information
Pyron Canyon (Mouth):100%
Additional Notes

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