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Heath Genie
Heath Genies are powerful elemental spirits that exist on the islands. Tales from the locals tell that many Genies are the evil spirits of sorcerer's intent on cursing the living. But also some tales tell that if you are lucky and you find a good Genie, they will make your wishes come true!
Class:Magical Level:172
Attack:900 - 1150 Defense:600 - 650
Armor:600 - 650 Damage:900 - 1150
HP:1500 - 1600 Gold:160 - 185
XP:339 - 359
Banishment:40% - 50%
Disarm:30% - 40%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Sidel
Armor of Soul Dralj
Spawning Information
Pelrei (South):62%
Pelrei (East):38%
Additional Notes

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