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Volim the Cuelebre (Dragon LE)
Volim the Cuelebre harks form a magical species of Dragon able to blow out gusts of magic. Volims breath causes those who inhale it to fall in love. She is often sought by the brave(and the lonely) so that they may attempt to capture some of her breath for their own needs. However Volims uses her breath also as a weapon, causing he prey to fall for her and thus it makes them more than an easy meal...
Class:Dragon Level:535
Attack:5627 - 5755 Defense:88 - 148
Armor:59 - 177 Damage:10434 - 10614
HP:2240 - 2488 Gold:274 - 326
XP:3214 - 3266
Piercing Strike:40% - 60%
Critical Hit:40% - 60%
Breaker:40% - 60%
First Strike:40% - 60%
Dropped Items
Volim Choker
Volims Breastplate
Volims Egg
Spawning Information
Cursed Isle of Darkwater (Hollow):17%
Dark Atholhu (Outer):17%
Dark Atholhu (Inner):27%
Hai Jing Mountains (Slope):21%
Yanyi Woods (Outer):18%
Additional Notes

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