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Ooch Mess (Dragon LE)
Ooch Mess is a Seadrake from the Heilan Island. Natives say his home was in the deepest part of the Whisky Sea, something the flame haired locals jokingly say attests to Ooch Mess angry temperament. Ooch Mess is known for his attacks on ships at sea and coastal raids where he doesn't just eat the people he also drinks their taverns and holds dry, before drunkenly swimming off into the depths.
Class:Dragon Level:1350
Attack:3421 - 3567 Defense:220 - 374
Armor:24186 - 24366 Damage:1624 - 1736
HP:35392 - 36008 Gold:218 - 382
XP:1637 - 1779
Piercing Strike:54% - 74%
Reinforced Armor:54% - 74%
Critical Hit:54% - 74%
Breaker:54% - 74%
First Strike:54% - 74%
Dropped Items
Ooch Messes Gloves
Ooch Messes Weapon
Ooch Mess Egg
Spawning Information
Jordo City (Gate):15%
Jordo Mage Tower (Twisted Corridors):16%
Ydmar Castle (Fortress):22%
Eye Island (Natural Harbour):18%
Drac Ruins (Astronomers Heights):29%
Additional Notes

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