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Fire Golem
Few have survived encounters with the near mythical Fire Golems. Legends state that the black steel cage like effigies that contain the roaring fire of the Golem within were created by Mages deep under a fiery mountain and thus it is they whom these beings will serve until they are extinguished.
Class:Golem Level:16
Attack:50 - 60 Defense:25 - 30
Armor:25 - 30 Damage:50 - 60
HP:25 - 30 Gold:19 - 21
XP:36 - 38
[no enhancements]
Dropped Items
Broad Blade
Fire Heart Core
Golden Boots
Spawning Information
Galo Caves (Level 1):19%
Galo Caves (Level 2):23%
Dreg Swamp:58%
Additional Notes

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