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The Roc is a bird of prey of massive proportions. They nest on the edges of the islands were they can launch attacks both on and below the floating islands. Rocs favourite prey is the elephants on the islands which they can easily kill and carry off to their nests; however they don't mind smaller sized snacks either...
Class:Avian Level:174
Attack:900 - 950 Defense:720 - 790
Armor:700 - 700 Damage:900 - 1050
HP:1550 - 1650 Gold:164 - 184
XP:343 - 363
Piercing Strike:20% - 40%
Thievery:40% - 60%
Dropped Items
Axe of Brettal
Gloves of Heath
Spawning Information
Gumbrel (South):10%
Gumbrel (North):90%
Additional Notes

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