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Ovig the Despoiler (Elite)
Ovig the Despoiler was an ancient despot. A mighty warrior-mage, he conquered a vast swath of land and ruled it through fear and blackest magic. After hundreds of year, he was finally destroyed, though before dying, he claimed he'd return. Centuries later, Brother Janosz found a painting of the Despoiler. He started restoring it, only to find the painting contained the essence of Ovig, who is now try to ensnare his mind and find a way back into the world of the living!
Class:Undead Level:25
Attack:633 - 779 Defense:1 - 93
Armor:1 - 94 Damage:780 - 960
HP:1469 - 1781 Gold:20 - 30
XP:126 - 140
Hypnotize:80% - 100%
Dropped Items
Blue Slime Brew
Glass of Green Goo
Pink Protoplasm Potion
Spawning Information
Cathedral of Ways (Spook Central II):100%
Additional Notes

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