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Destrubed Dead
Sathrin Wood is no stranger to conflict. There are several times in it's long history when invading armies have tried to take the Elf haven for themselves. The bodies of these armies were never buried for the Elves believe that blood of her enemies would heal any wounds inflicted upon her by the invading army. Sathrin welcomes these brave souls into herself. This does mean that if anything upsets the delicate balance of the Wood, Undead Warriors have been known to rise from the forest soil to hunt down and slay any who would disturb the peace of the forest.
Class:Undead Level:1892
Attack:25341 - 25477 Defense:1579 - 1657
Armor:449 - 629 Damage:26349 - 26465
HP:75378 - 75754 Gold:257 - 343
XP:12877 - 13957
Piercing Strike:12% - 20%
Reinforced Armor:10% - 15%
Critical Hit:13% - 15%
Disarm:45% - 50%
Dropped Items
[no item drops]
Spawning Information
Sathrin Forest (Silent Weald):100%
Additional Notes

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