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Flesh Locust Swarm
Flesh Locusts are a nocturnal species of insect that has evolved to become completely carnivorous. Flesh Locusts swarm out of old tunnels and crypts looking for food. When they find something they swarm over it and strip its flesh down to the bone before moving on to find the next meal.
Class:Vermin Level:184
Attack:850 - 990 Defense:900 - 1030
Armor:950 - 1080 Damage:950 - 1180
HP:1300 - 1830 Gold:180 - 190
XP:370 - 380
Critical Hit:30% - 40%
Dodge:30% - 40%
Disarm:40% - 50%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Tegmarl
Armor of Helkar
Boots of Trelka
Gloves of Renhal
Ring of Kzalt
Spawning Information
Angal Caves (North):100%
Additional Notes

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