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Thunder Bird
The magical Thunder Birds are both worshiped and feared by the locals of the Canyons. The birds themselves are gigantic and are bigger than a house and wherever they go they bring with them storms that the birds themselves seem to be able to control, firing lightning with uncanny accuracy.
Class:Avian Level:189
Attack:568 - 752 Defense:832 - 946
Armor:820 - 892 Damage:637 - 697
HP:2940 - 3208 Gold:177 - 201
XP:533 - 611
Piercing Strike:40% - 45%
Reinforced Armor:45% - 55%
Critical Hit:35% - 40%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Spala
Armor of Doual
Gloves of Wolfen
Ring of Telsoar
Rune of Kayela
Rune of Vralko
Shield of Andersal
Spawning Information
Crombe Moors (North):13%
Pelsar Canyon (West):87%
Additional Notes

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