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Black Dog of Crombe
The Black Dogs of Crombe are a unnatural breed and it is suspected they have been tainted by evil magic. Most of the Black Dogs have two heads that will even fight with each other over the last scrap of a meal.
Class:Canine Level:190
Attack:769 - 821 Defense:619 - 753
Armor:683 - 805 Damage:810 - 918
HP:2919 - 3261 Gold:188 - 192
XP:562 - 588
Reinforced Armor:45% - 50%
Breaker:35% - 45%
Dodge:45% - 50%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Alleyaz
Gloves of Omen
Ring of Johal
Shield of Combrea
Spear of Elation
Spawning Information
Crombe Moors (South):20%
Crombe Moors (North):80%
Additional Notes

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