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Swamp Quango
Quangos are flightless birds native only to Quango Island. Quangos are dumb birds with little or no fear of outsiders. Within the marshes of Quango Island, the Swamp Quango is a common sight. It's a placid creature, sometimes used by the natives as a form of gatherer, hunting out useful types of plant and grubs, even being taught to fish without swallowing the prize, though it does not always work.
Class:Avian Level:2000
Attack:81619 - 81685 Defense:2521 - 2601
Armor:1725 - 1875 Damage:93934 - 94036
HP:251711 - 252289 Gold:248 - 352
XP:14681 - 15305
Piercing Strike:30% - 30%
Critical Hit:30% - 40%
Dodge:30% - 30%
Dropped Items
Burlap Sack
Quango Fish
Spawning Information
Quango Island (Swampy Interior):100%
Additional Notes

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