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King Au Xenah (Legendary)
King Au Xenah is a cruel and evil king with a lust for gold. He treated his people with contempt letting them starve outside his castle while he got richer. The peasants eventually sought help from a local wizard who cursed Au Xenah transforming him and trapping him in his castle for 100 years. Now the curse has worn off and King Au Xenah has gone mad and is out on the rampage...
Class:Golem Level:150
Attack:712 - 872 Defense:649 - 765
Armor:781 - 903 Damage:619 - 795
HP:2702 - 3398 Gold:133 - 167
XP:683 - 717
Piercing Strike:15% - 30%
Thievery:10% - 20%
Breaker:25% - 40%
Dodge:45% - 60%
Dropped Items
King Au Xenahs Armor
King Au Xenahs Gloves
King Au Xenahs Shield
King Au Xenahs Sword
Spawning Information
Metlair (West):21%
Appela Mountains (North):20%
Grintz Forest (South):17%
Grintz Forest (West):18%
Ekloren (North):24%
Additional Notes

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