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Thonomoth (Legendary)
The mighty Thonomoths wanderings have once again brought it in contact with the innocent peoples of the world and the titanic beast is venting all its suppressed anger and hatred on them, laying waste to towns and villages as it tramples on towards more populated areas in search of more to destroy. Such a beast must be stopped quickly!
Class:Beast Level:60
Attack:327 - 385 Defense:188 - 282
Armor:288 - 344 Damage:251 - 435
HP:1143 - 1357 Gold:47 - 73
XP:284 - 306
Reinforced Armor:15% - 20%
Breaker:25% - 35%
Dodge:15% - 30%
Dropped Items
Thonomoths Armor
Thonomoths Gloves
Thonomoths Shield
Thonomoths Sword
Spawning Information
Plague Mists West:23%
Domain of the Fallen:18%
Plague Mist Isles (West):20%
Plague Mist Isles (East):20%
Plague Mist Isles (South):19%
Additional Notes

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