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Ulthwel Man Trap
The marshes of the jungle are home to giant Ulthwel Man Trap. Huge, man-eating plants that sense prey and try to snap it up into their huge mouths. Any caught in its maw will never escape as its jaws snap too tight and the prey is therefore destined to be digested slowly and horribly within the plants gut-like root.
Class:Plant Level:2188
Attack:27131 - 27323 Defense:978 - 1120
Armor:557 - 687 Damage:33273 - 33455
HP:87019 - 87321 Gold:293 - 307
XP:16815 - 19075
Breaker:20% - 25%
Dodge:20% - 25%
Sustain:45% - 50%
Dropped Items
[no item drops]
Spawning Information
Ulthwel Marsh (West):100%
Additional Notes

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