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Ruir Orcont
Once Orcs from the Ruir tribe ruled the area with an iron fist .But then the Techno Magi and their forces invaded the land and turned it toxic with their evil experiments, driving the Orcs out. Some Orcs stayed but were slowly mutated by the environment into mindless creatures now known as the Ruir Orconts.
Class:Beast Level:212
Attack:868 - 1010 Defense:649 - 813
Armor:651 - 811 Damage:991 - 1087
HP:3279 - 3605 Gold:191 - 233
XP:618 - 664
Reinforced Armor:25% - 35%
Dodge:45% - 55%
Disarm:45% - 55%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Eyeal
Boots of Orphol
Gloves of Seteth
Helmet of Utral
Rune of Yalev
Shield of Comeb
Spear of Mharal
Spawning Information
Bahruir (East):76%
Bahruir (West):24%
Additional Notes

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