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Lord Quackenhoff (Legendary)
Lord Quackenhoff is the last of an ancient aristocratic family. It has been noticed that he does not age and is widely believed he is a vampire. This is true, though after he was defeated last time, his resurrection had a....complication. One of the vital fluids used to restore him got mixed up with tomato juice and as such, he continually thirsts for it. This has not helped him hide his nature. To this end, he fashioned a mask from his family crest. People now think he's a vampire but with a duck mask. It's all very odd.
Class:Human Level:2150
Attack:21811 - 21941 Defense:929 - 1013
Armor:408 - 582 Damage:26146 - 26268
HP:69194 - 69546 Gold:245 - 355
XP:4465 - 5023
Piercing Strike:30% - 50%
Critical Hit:30% - 50%
Hypnotize:60% - 70%
Soulless:60% - 70%
Dropped Items
Quackenhoffs Buckler
Quackenhoffs Gorget
Spawning Information
Eesire Reef (Wreck Reef):21%
Arydis Fort (Halls):24%
Tayuri Gardens (Clearing):15%
Tayuri Gardens (Outskirts):21%
Burning Aisair (Rise):19%
Additional Notes

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