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Pillock Trapdoor Guard (Legendary)
Pillock, the Trapdoor Guard is a troglodyte monster. No one know's where he comes from. All that is known is that he is the protector of a dungeon that may contain a great treasure...or a great evil with it. No one survives to get a look what's in the trapdoor as Pillock is a powerful fighter. He has been seen talking to the skull on his club. Occasionally, it talks back.
Class:Magical Level:2275
Attack:10381 - 10481 Defense:15990 - 16170
Armor:16418 - 16578 Damage:9240 - 9336
HP:72905 - 73535 Gold:282 - 318
XP:5171 - 5401
Piercing Strike:30% - 50%
Critical Hit:70% - 90%
Breaker:30% - 50%
First Strike:30% - 50%
Dropped Items
Pillocks Grabbers
Pillocks Splatter
Spawning Information
Bosjnir Caves (West):16%
Regiha Depths (Lava Lake):25%
Regiha Depths (Descent):22%
Zalke Catacombs (Tunnels):16%
Dairi Plains (Wilds):20%
Additional Notes

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