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The ScissorNose Serpent (Dragon LE)
The ScissorNose Serpent is a large, fire breathing beast with the most peculiar name. The creatures nose flows out from the top of the mouth and bottom of the chin and have been found to be preternaturally sharp! This cruel Dragon is known for capturing knights alive and using his odd nose to snip the unfortunate victim apart!
Class:Dragon Level:1950
Attack:20101 - 20251 Defense:1234 - 1286
Armor:376 - 482 Damage:21011 - 21155
HP:59994 - 60266 Gold:251 - 349
XP:3455 - 3673
Piercing Strike:50% - 70%
Critical Hit:50% - 70%
First Strike:30% - 50%
Hypnotize:30% - 50%
Dropped Items
ScissorNose Amulet
ScissorNose Egg
ScissorNose Shield
Spawning Information
Thracan City (Merchant):26%
Kralen Flats (West):20%
Ishtahl Jungle (Grove):14%
Krilla Arids (North):23%
Krilla Arids (Edge):17%
Additional Notes

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